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About Telmastainless

Born in 2002, Telmastainless is a trusted partner in bespoke stainless steels. Typical for our way of working are high levels of expertise, craftsmanship and reliability.

At Telmastainless, you will be finding Stainless novelties en high end alloys, such as 17-4PH, RVS 303 and 1.4112. Not limited to round materials, but also flat. We can practically provide all sizes and dimensions, using the most economic sawing techniques, fast and directly from stock. This results in cost saving and decrease spilling of material.

In short, Telmastainless offers:

  • Huge variety of choice in high end materials for every industry.
  • Support for your sourcing department, work preparation, R&D, and projects.
  • Stock
  • Extensive saw and cutting capacity
  • Fast delivery